Nov. 7th, 2005

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Markets and S.F. agree on reducing bag use / Goal is 10 million fewer plastic sacks for grocery shoppers
Charlie Goodyear
3 November 2005
The San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco officials have struck an ambitious deal with large supermarket chains to reduce by 10 million the number of plastic grocery bags given to shoppers by the end of next year.

The agreement comes after political support for a proposed 17- cent tax on grocery bags in San Francisco -- which would have been a first for any American city -- failed to materialize earlier this year. Read more... )

SAN FRANCISCO / Bagging public reactions / Grocery customers talk about carrying on after the change
Patricia Yollin
Chronicle Staff Writer
4 November 2005
The San Francisco Chronicle

Usually when Alex Moses shops for groceries, she brings canvas bags, string bags and paper bags with her. But when she left a supermarket Thursday afternoon, her cart had nothing but plastic bags in it. Five of them.

"I'm feeling guilty," said the Russian Hill artist. "I didn't bring my bags today."

She'd planned to buy only one item at the Marina Safeway. But many things were on sale, and they were hard to resist.

The day after San Francisco and some of its biggest supermarket chains agreed to cut the number of plastic grocery bags that are handed out -- the goal is 10 million fewer by the end of 2006 -- shoppers assessed the politics and realities of plastic. Read more... )


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